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Muse Acting and Recording Studio Self Tapes and Acting Classes in McDonough, GA Logo

About M.A.R.S.

Muse Acting and Recording Studio was born out of a desire to help cultivate the next generation of talent in the film and television space. Created by Krystal M. Harris, a multi-award winning actress, writer, director, and producer, M.A.R.S. was designed to be more than just an acting studio. Our goal is to equip the artists that come through our doors with the education necessary to fully take their careers into their own hands. 


Classes at M.A.R.S. are offered on an eight-week cycle basis focusing on a particular area of study. Our classes are designed to grow with the student as they advance in their craft, ensuring that the actors are not plateauing and are consistently challenging themselves. Different methods are weaved into the instruction such Stanislavsky, Meisner, Practical Aesthetics, and more to create well-rounded actors with the education necessary to tap into various roles and characters and to help them define their own voice. Our acting classes focus on scene-study, character-building, emotional-mapping, intention segmenting, creating your own content, screenwriting, and education on the current industry climate.

Self- Tape Auditions

For audition taping, coaching is also offered to help your audition stand out. With a 17-year career in the entertainment industry, we know who the casting directors are, and what they are looking for. Our relationships will be put to use to help you do your job... the audition... to the very best of your ability. 

Demo-Reel Services

Our Demo-Reel Services are provided for actors who need to create a reel and/or update an existing reel.  Designed with your budget in mind, we maximize the utility of your reel by providing a personalized script, on-site locations, and professional studio lighting and cinematography, and a skeleton crew. We can also edit and publish your reel to Vimeo and Actors Access by request.

Ongoing Opportunities

As a working actor and producer, Krystal is actively seeking to grow the talent pool in Atlanta, to ensure that they are ready to compete on the professional level. Having worked as a consultant to various management firms in Los Angeles, we do have the ability to refer actors for representation based on their skill level. Casting opportunities are also available as the production affiliation greenlights new projects. Find more information on the production company, Krystal Muse Incorporated here

We look forward to welcoming you to M.A.R.S, where we take talent to the next frontier. 

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